Hi, I'm Christy Romer.

I'm a journalist for UK-based ArtsProfessional. I've been published in these places:

And I've conducted radio interviews on this station:
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I've lived in Madrid, Brussels and Djougou, so my Spanish and French are pretty good. Check my CV here

Article Title: Laws of Physics Behind a World Cup Football (above)

Date: 13/05/14

- Two page spread on the physics behind the World Cup football, the 'Brazuca', for the Observer Tech Monthly.

- My work was then incorporated into a larger article on the technology to be expected at the upcoming World Cup (here), for which I recieved an additional reporting credit, and reproduced as an interactive graphic (here)

Article Title: Midi sprout lets your plants create the sound of music

Date: 08/05/14

- Interview with Sam Cusumano, the engineer behind US-based tech collective Data Garden and their product, 'MIDI Sprout' -- which, when plugged into vegetables and into synthesisers, creates beautiful sonic landscapes. Featured on page 3 of the Observer Tech Monthly

I also blogged about my time there. Check the blogs.

Article Title: Oloramar Wine

Date: June 2014 (Issue 74)

- A review of Galician vineyard Rias Baixas' new white wine, produced in conjunction with Spanish designers Oloramar. I recommended pairing it with seafood for a truly Galician experience.

I conducted a series of interviews for Monocle 24, the affiliated radio station, during my internship with Monocle -- discussing issues as diverse as whether or not Gatwick Airport should have a second runway, and whether or not 'Freemen of the City' can march sheep over London Bridge. Listen here

Oh, and finally: I also produced some blogs during the period which have been described (by loads of people, not just my family) as 'probably worth reading'. Check them here

Data Garden

Article Title: Blood And Chocolate - York. Behind the scenes insight

Date: 06/10/13

- Interview with my father, Marcus Romer, in the wake of the co-production of his work with SlungLow in York -- 'Blood and Chocolate'

- The show took place every night in various outdoor locations in York, with a combined cast and audience of 600 per night. Marcus explained the logistics involved in bring to life a production that size - from clearing the spaces, to conducting rehearsals, to stopping drunk teenagers from interfering with actors preparing to perform.


Article title: Blood, Chocolate, and a Military Historian

Date: 10/10/13

- On the eve of the York-wide premiere of 'Blood and Chocolate', eminent First World War historian Gary Sheffield visited the local chocolate shop to deliver a talk on the realities of the event.

- I spoke to Sheffield about the war, his thoughts about the production, and just how good Yorkshire Chocolate really is.

- He loved it.


Article Title: Kick Starting a New United Run / Robins Confident Of Springing Back (left)

Date: 04/10/13

- Full page spread in the Sports section of The York Press

- Analysed Leeds United's chances in the upcoming season, questioning which players they would be able to bring in on loan

- For the second piece, interviewed the manager of Grimsby Town FC to discuss chances for promotion and a the prospects of a huge loan signing

Additional Articles:

Top England Plunder For The Boys Of Bishopthorpe;

It's not only runners who need to prepare;

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Data Garden
'THE' Interview on The Monocle Daily with Sir Terry Farrell, one of the UK's premier architects, at the launch of his plans for a second runway at Gatwick Airport. From 32:40
'URBANIST' Interview on The Urbanist with Murray Craig, the Clerk of the Chamberlain's Court. He talks me through the freedom of the city honour, and whether people who receive it can still march their sheep over London Bridge. From 44:50
'MENU' I talk to the owners of London's very first 'Cold Press Juice Bar' on The Menu. From 41:40
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I blog about all kinds of things. Sport, books, international relations, music, internships -- you name it, I've probably blogged about it.
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